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Signs of Abuse

Violence in a relationship can happen over time or in an instant. Does your relationship have any of these signs of abuse?

  • Physical abuse, including slapping, hitting, punching, pushing, shoving, choking
  • Striking with any kind of weapon/objects 
  • Physically harming children 
  • Sexual assault/rape
  • Threatening children 
  • Disregard for welfare of children 
  • Physically harming family pets* 
  • Degradation and humiliation 
  • Isolation and confinement 
  • Emotional, psychological and verbal abuse
  • Threatening language 
  • Escalating arguments 
  • Withdrawal of emotional or financial support 
  • Attempts to control or cut off friendships or family ties
  • Increased hostility toward other friends or family

*61% of surveyed Ontario women who had left their abusive partner stated that their partners had brutalized or killed a pet. (OAPCA 1998)  

If you have any of these signs of abuse in your relationship call us 416-746-3701, TTY 416-746-3716. We can help.

Crisis 416.746.3701 / TTY 416.746.3716

did you know
did you know

1 million

children in Canada have witnessed violence in the home.

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We Can Help

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