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Safety Planning

Are you being abused and planning to leave?

  • Do not tell your partner that you’re thinking of leaving.
  • When you do leave, take your children with you.
  • Plan your emergency exits.
  • Save as much cash as you can.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers with you at all times.
  • Set aside money for a taxi and coins or phone cards for payphones.
  • Take valuable documents: passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, immigration papers, health cards, SIN cards, bank books and bank cards.
  • Legal Documents: Divorce papers, order of protection orders, restraining orders, custody papers
  • Take any prescription medications for you and your kids.
  • If possible, bring documents that prove you have been living at the same address as your partner.
  • Lease or rental agreement, house deed, mortgage payment book
  • Jewelry or small things you can sell
  • Address book
  • Open a bank account in your name or in the name of a person you trust. Make sure bank statements are not mailed to your home.
  • Hide extra clothing, house keys, car keys, money etc. at a trusted friend’s house.
  • Have an emergency suitcase packed, if possible.
  • Include some special toys and comforts for your children.
  • Irreplaceable items and sentimental items such as photographs.

Leaving the Home:

  • Where is the Abuser? Inside the home or outside the hom?
  • Where are the Children? Inside the home or outside the home? If outside the home, pick up arrangements:_________________________________________
  • Identify which doors, windows, elevator, or stairs would be safe and easily accessible.
  • Have a packed bag ready. Keep it in an accessible place in order to leave quickly.
  • Transportation: Do you have a car, is their gas in the car? Are you taking a bus? Do you have tickets or do will you take a taxi?
  • If its unsafe to wait for a taxi in your home; are you able to go to a neighbors’ house or a close public area ex. coffee shop to wait for a taxi
  • If the situation is very dangerous, use your own instinct and judgment to keep yourself safe.

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did you know
did you know


of women with disabilities are likely to experience some form of violence in their adult lives.

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