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Shelter FAQs

1. Who can come to Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter?

Any woman and her children who are being abused can come to Ernestine’s.  If you live close to the shelter you will be assisted to find another shelter.

2. Can I bring my 15 year old son?

Yes, you can. Ernestine’s permits male youth up to 18 years old to come with their mother.

3. What does it cost to stay at Ernestine’s?

There is no charge for staying at Ernestine’s.

4. How do women and children get to Ernestine’s?

Some women come through referrals from the police or a hospital. Others search for information on the internet, or call our emergency phone line, some women learn about Ernestine’s through a friend or relative who know of our service. If a woman calls Ernestine’s and there is a space available our staff assists her in making a plan to get safety to the shelter.

5. What if Ernestine’s has no space?

The Counsellor will support you in finding other shelters that may have space.

6. How long can I stay?

Your length of stay will be determined by your individual needs.

7. Can I bring my pets?

Animals are not allowed to stay in the shelter unless it is a registered service dog, but Ernestine’s together with Safe Pet will find a caring place for your pet to stay. Your pet will be taken care of and cared for by volunteers.

8. I currently have a live-in support person, I can’t leave my abusive situation unless she can come with me?

Yes, your support person will be able to accompany you and stay at Ernestine's.

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did you know
did you know


of women seek medical attention after suffering injury from spousal abuse.

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We Can Help

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